Component Obsolescence Management

We view component obsolescence management as more than just a service to our customers.  It is an essential part of your continued success.  Obsolete electronic components pose significant risk to any design.  We are dedicated to reviewing both new and existing designs for any and all component obsolescence issues and to further identify when existing components are scheduled to be End of Life (EOL).  Beyond identification of obsolete and EOL components, we will locate, verify, and secure any remaining inventory or provide you with a full list of all functional equivalent components along with a detailed description of any differences and notes about which components could serve as drop-in replacements and which ones would require engineering changes. 

By properly managing your component obsolescence issues, we can extend the life of existing products and help you identify any components specified in new designs that are scheduled for EOL and thereby not recommended for new designs.  We will also provide notification when a component used in an existing design becomes scheduled for EOL, allowing sufficient time to plan accordingly.  We provide the information that you need to be proactive in managing both new designs and existing products, saving you both time and money.