SisTech purchases new SPEA 4060-S2


In keeping up with customer driven requirements and to add an additional layer of Quality Assurance, SisTech has purchased a new 4060 S2 flying probe system. It the latest generation platform from SPEA. The new 4060 S2 system offers top and bottom probing that includes the fastest probe speeds with XYZ linear motors. Extreme probing accuracy is made possible by high-precision linear optical encoders on each XYZ axis. This technology provides the ability to contact the smallest Micro-Smd pads including 008004 components. The latest Ultra Soft-Touch technology ensures no probe damage to the smallest and most fragile probe targets. SPEA’s revolutionary flying tester concept moves the force and measurement instrumentation directly to the probe head. This minimizes the distance between the probe and instrument to provide unsurpassed performance and accuracy (0.1pf). Additional test/inspection capabilities include Optical Inspection, 3D laser test, IC open pin detection and many others. The advanced design and feature of the S2 platform offers the fastest test times, highest test coverage, and most accuracy and performance testing capabilities available in the Flying Probe market.